Our Story

Camp Pineapple is a hub for all your fun and flirty festival needs. It’s camping with a twist. No, we don’t mean gaudy ‘glamping’, just easy to use tents that look awesome. 

What’s our deal? 

Our deal is that we love festivals, but we’re the first to admit some things about camping suck. Like, not being able to find your tent amongst a sea of boring blue and green. Sucks. Wanting to rock festival vibes everywhere from beanie to camping mug, but having to settle for plain old grey or black. Boring with a capital ‘B’! Worst of all, the awkward struggle to erect your tent on day one … embarrassing. 

Festival veterans ourselves, we heard the cries of the downtrodden camper and decided to take matters into our own hands. Camp Pineapple to the rescue! Our solution? Unique looking, pop up tents that stand out from the crowd. 

We’ve collaborated with some pretty cool designers to create the quintessential pineapple print you could never miss … no matter how hard the stumble home. Plus, our perfect pop up function means never having to fumble around with pegs and poles ever again. 

In essence, we’re two brothers who wanted to bring some originality to the festival adventure via some funky looking tents you’ll be proud to own. 

Why Camp Pineapple?

Pineapples are like the festival experience: hard and prickly on the outside, sweet and juicy on the inside. Essentially, it’s hard to break through the rough exterior, but oh so worth it once you do. Just like a festival. It’s a metaphor, see what we did there?